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Death and Taxes- Tax deductions for job seekers

It is such a lovely time of year! I can’t touch a door knob without immediately reaching for my hand sanitizer. I can’t even remember if I made New Years’ Resolutions. And now I have to report in to Uncle Sam!

There is good news! Did you know that there are tax deductions available for job seekers? The IRS has been updating the list for the last several years to now include not only professional services like MAC offers, but paper, ink, and postage for resumes and more.

The main qualification for such deductions is that you are seeking work related to your current field. If you are a Financial Planner and decide to become a Florist, you may be out of luck. Although, I do think “Bonds and Blooms” has a catchy ring to it.

Even when money is tight, I recommend seeking the aid of a strong Tax Professional. I can recommend several, no matter where you reside. A few extra dollars out of pocket today usually gets you a handsome refund next month. It is also usually cheaper than an IRS audit. J

Here is a link to list of Job Seeker Tax deductions on the IRS website.

Best of luck hunting for a job and a bigger tax refund!

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