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Professional Resume Creation

$399 - MAC Inc Professional Resumes are designed with review of 200+ unique attributes and  clients’ individual preferences, targeted job market, skills, industry, geography, and goals.

➢ Includes corresponding Reference Page 

➢ Requires 1-hour “Resume Interrogation”, then 4 – 5 business days to complete, & a final review session  ➢ 48-hour rush is available for an additional $150 

➢ PhDs/Terminal Degrees may be subject to an additional $100 fee for full CV/portfolios 

Discounts available, especially for military & students 

High Performance Content – Maximized messaging is customized and nuanced with considerations  for code-switching based on specific industries and roles, psychology, sociology, journalism,  talent acquisition, recruitment, advertising, and branding with subconscious visual appeal.  


Multiple Uses – Accomplishment-focused talking points are designed to double as quality interview  answers and prompt better questions from interviewers. 


Beat Application Filters – Maximize key words to bolster the chances it will get through online job application filters and learn the MAC Resume Hack for embedding keyword metadata.

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