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TRAINING & SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - Motivation & Achievement Concepts

MAC Inc Trainings & Speaking Engagements List of Services 

Melissa-Anne Cunningham-Sereque, Mac, is available for Corporate or Organizational Trainings, Specialized Workshop Leadership, and Speaking Engagements. 
*Scroll down for fee structures and portfolio of past engagements. 

Photo by Mark Olencki

fee structures & past engagements

Standard Topics & Workshops

  • “The Power & Profitability of Pay Equity” – Pay Equity Workshop
    A guide to understanding the positive economic, corporate and individual impact of pay equity laws, what they do, what your rights are, and real steps to take action. Typical audiences are Economic Development Groups, Civic-minded and legislative/lobbying organizations, employers, and Human Resource professionals. Can be adjusted for 20 to 60 minutes, including Q&A
  • “#WTwF What The workforce” – Economic Influences on the Job Market
    An economic overview of what “Forces” influence the job market and the power you have to make a positive impact. Typical audiences include business conferences, economic development organizations, community impact organizations and conferences. Can be adjusted for 45 to 90 minutes, including Q&A
  • “Doesn’t play well with others” – Working in Teams Communication Workshop
    A great place to learn how to establish attitudes, expectations, and intentions for working in groups, particularly for people not used to it. Typical audiences include professionals having to work together for the first time (ie. a new project is coming up that will require interdisciplinary staff members to work more closely than usual), an organization that just went through a large hiring phase (“We have just hired 4 new teams to work at new client sites around the state!”), or an organization that just went through an election or appointment cycle (Board of Directors, Religious Leaders (Elders/Deacons), Student Government Associations, Civic Organization Leadership Teams, Professional Committees within a company) Can be adjusted for 30 to 60 minutes, including Q&A
  • “The Biology Behind Building Your Brand: from Cavemen to X-men”
    Take a journey with MAC through the human physiology, psychology, and praxeology of what makes an effective, personal brand. Specifically designed for Business-to-Consumer Industry Professionals, Mac’s approach helps remove the stress of committing to a brand design and shows you how easy it is to establish and embrace an all-encompassing branding strategy that is completely unique, just like you. Can be adjusted for 30 to 60 minutes, including Q&A
  • “Thank You Notes - More interesting than you think!” – Thank You Note Writing Workshop
    A quick and fun overview of the importance and profitability of those good, old-fashioned, hand-written thank you notes. Typical audiences include organizations or teams needing to say thanks after a fundraising event, or professionals looking to utilize the power of personal referrals to grow their business. The psychology behind their ROI/Return on Investment Best done in coordination with a 20 to 30-minute writing session immediately following Typically 20 minutes plus Q&A, not including assistance with writing session mentioned above.
  • “Show Me the Money” – Salary Negotiation Workshop
    Typically caters to audiences such as Groups of Job Seekers, College Students, Military preparing for transition into civilian jobs, and Professional Women’s Business Organizations & Conferences Can be adjusted to fit 45 to 90 minutes, including Q&A Can be interactive if participants want to run their own salary searches in real-time
  • LinkedIn Renovation
    A workshop for professionals looking to clean up and utilize their LinkedIn Profile in their current positions. Typical audiences include individuals wanting to establish a clean profile that is coded with appropriate privacy settings, depending on their professional and/or industry standards. This workshop is not for audiences looking to learn advanced marketing and data-mining techniques related to social media/SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but can be done in 2 parts where a Social Media/SEO Expert is brought in for this second part. Either way, this is best done in a classroom setting where participants have access to wifi on their own devices and can follow along in their own LinkedIn Account and Profiles. Can be adjusted for 45 to 60 minutes, including Q&A
  • “If you’re my boss, who’s running hell? Why social issues are actually good for business” "
    An extension of Mac’s TED Talk with the same title Caters to audiences of corporate and/or organizational leaders in ALL Industries and fields (Corporate, Nonprofit, Academia, Government, etc.) seeking to understand how and why diversity and positive morale in the workplace are the key ingredients for long-term sustainability, profitability, and viability of any business or organization. Can be adjusted to fit 45 to 90 minutes, including Q&A
  • “Speaking Truth to Power, Position, & Pay” – Communication Workshop "
    A useful guide for understanding and combating sexual harassment, microaggressions, and pay inequities in the workplace. Typical audiences would be to women’s business groups or organizations. However, this workshop would be just as, if not more useful, to men’s business groups or organizations. Can be adjusted to fit 30 to 60 minutes, including Q&A
  • “Safeguarding Your Selfies” – Social Media & Online Protections Workshop
    An overview of the importance of protecting your image and personal information on social media platforms. Typical audiences including Student Groups (High School, College, Graduate School, Non-traditional Students, Sororities, Sports Teams), individuals seeking public office, job seekers, individuals in professions where public perceptions should be strictly monitored (municipal workers, teachers/administrators, religious leaders, anyone holding public office, military and law enforcement officials) Can be adjusted for 30 to 60 minutes, including Q&A
Fees & Porfolio


  • In order to provide you and your organization with the best service and curriculum, engagements will be specifically priced to the individual aspects of each event such as size, time, type, available technology, and original content. 

  • All standard curriculum from the above list begins at $300 with possible additional fees for: 

  • Engagements lasting more than 1 hour, including Q&A 

  • Events with audiences of more than #50 people 

  • Standard, current-year IRS mileage rate reimbursement charge for driving distances over 30 miles from MAC Inc office 

  • Custom curriculum or Keynotes begin at $500 

  • Discounts available for nonprofit and civic organizations 


  • Official TED Archived Speaker, TEDx Wofford College, October 2018 

  • Adjunct Professor, Johnson College of Business & Economics 

    • University of South Carolina – Upstate 

    • HR Management, Organizational Management, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship  

  • Speaker, Women’s Initiative Luncheon 

    • Newcomb & Boyd Consultants & Engineers, Atlanta, GA 

  • Region 3 Annual Conference Keynote Speaker  

    • IAIP/International Association of Insurance Professionals  

    •  (including 7 states, the Virgin Islands, and the UK) 

  • Featured Panelist & Workshop Leader  

    • WREN (Women's Rights & Empowerment Network) 

    • State & Regional Summits (2017, 2018, 2019)


  • Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce


  • Women in Business Conference Speaker, 2015 & 2019 

  • Speaker, Wofford College Football Team “Thank-A-Thon”  

  • Emcee, 2018 Greenville Women’s March, Greenville, SC  

  • Speaker, IAAP/International Association of Administrative Professionals 

  • Speaker, Women In Business Conference – Lander University, Greenwood, SC  

  • Workshop Leader, Office of Student Success – Columbia College, SC 

  • Camp Fellowship & Conference Center, Greenwood, SC 

    • Continuing Education Workshops for PE Teachers  

    • Multiple Workshops for Middle School & High School Students 

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